Upload new data

This page will teach you how to upload a new dataset to the ODC

Check how to get your data ready

What you need

If you are going to request a DOI for a public release, check this first!

If your dataset was too large to upload, you should split your data file into smaller files, upload the first one and use the Append Rows workflow to upload each piece.


  1. Log in ODC

  2. Go to Upload a New Dataset in the left navigation bar

3. Verify that you are in the Lab that you want to be and click Next

4. Select your .csv file and enter the dataset information. The dataset name is an internal name for you and your lab to remember what the dataset is about! The dataset description helps to describe the content of the dataset

This is different of the information needed for a DOI. Check how to get a DOI

5. Preview the dataset and select subject ID column. The ODC organizes the data around subjects! Make sure you include a unique subject ID column

6. Upload!

It is possible that the page shows a little window with some messages, read them and choose whether you want to continue.

Congratulations! You uploaded a dataset!

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