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The ODC is organized by virtual laboratory spaces. We have created a laboratory space for anyone that wants to try the ODC functionalities. Visit the ODC demonstration lab at the ODC-SCI demo lab or the ODC-TBI demo lab. You can request to join the demonstration lab once you register for an account with the ODC and play!

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Know more about how the ODC organizes its data spaces here

A demo dataset

You can use this pre-clinical demo dataset and data dictionary to try and play with the ODC functionalities in the demonstration lab.

Please note that for clinical datasets these templates can be customized, as most of the pre-clinical required variables will not apply. Please visit the public dataset page (ODC-SCI or ODC-TBI) to explore examples of clinical datasets. You will need to log in to your ODC account to download them.

ODC-TBI demo dataset

ODC-SCI demo dataset

For advanced users

The demo dataset is great to get started, but your data is probably more complex. Below we direct you to public datasets that are a great example of how to get your data ready for sharing! You will need to log in to your account to download them.

  • Chou A., Krukowski K., Morganti J. M., Riparip L. K., Rosi S. (2022) Peripheral monocyte and resident microglia number and cytokine expression at subchronic timepoints after controlled cortical impact TBI in adult and aged mice. ODC-TBI:376

  • Vonder Haar C., Martens K. M., Frankot M. A. (2022) Combined dataset of Rodent Gambling Task in rats after brain injury. ODC-TBI:703

  • Mifflin K. A., Brennan F. H., Guan Z., Kigerl K. A., Filous A. R., Mo X., Schwab J. M., Popovich P. G. (2022) Lung immunity after complete thoracic spinal cord transection in female mice. ODC-SCI:735

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