ODC quality control app

Under development. App in beta v0.1

The Quality Control and Data Exploration Tool (ODC QC-EDA app). This web application, developed by members of the ODC data team, allows users to test for the data and data dictionary formatting checks required for publishing data with the ODCs and explore the dataset's content using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) principles.

The App's Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) functionality is temporally out of service.

How to use the ODC QC-EDA app


The first step is to access the app (link above) and have your dataset and data dictionary ready. Check the Getting your data ready tutorial to learn more about preparing your data.

1. Access the app and go to start

The app can be accessed using any web browser from anywhere.

2. Select the files to upload

To perform the quality checks on your data, you will need to upload a dataset and a data dictionary in .csv format.

The app will only use the data while using the website but not store it. Closing the window will delete the data from the app!

4. Explore your data

The two tabs "Dataset" and "Data dictionary" provide interactive tables to visualize and explore your uploaded files.

5. Run the quality checks

Go to the "ODC data checks" tab and push the check button. It will create a table report with all the checks and some helpful information.

The quality check report table provides information about each check. You can learn more about the app's checks by going to the "About the ODC and this app" information tab.

  • Pass. The dataset and data dictionary comply with ODC standards

  • Warning. This might not be a problem for being compliance with ODC standards, but the user may want to double-check the data

  • Fail. The dataset and data dictionary need revision on those elements

You can also click on any of the rows of the table and a definition of the check and tip on how to improve the data will pop-up.

Learn more about the checks

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