Share data

Once a dataset is first uploaded to ODC, only the uploader has access to it. It is located in the Personal Space. Sharing data is the process of moving a dataset from the personal space to a place in the ODC where others can see and download the data (Community Data Space and Public Data Space).

You can easily share the dataset in the internal ODC spaces, but if you want to release your dataset to the public you will need to request/ get a DOI

Step-by-Step Data Sharing (for uploaders)

  1. Log in to ODC and navigate to the specific dataset that you want to share with others and click on it to open the Dataset page

  2. Click "Change" link on the Data Space information located on the top right corner

3. A pop-up window will open, select the space that you want to move your dataset to (ie. Lab Space) and click update. After a moment, the data space status should update to the Lab Space. Now, everyone that is a member of that lab can see and access your dataset.

4. If you want to move the dataset back to the Personal space, use the “Change” link again.

Step-by-Step (for PI and Managers)

  1. Make sure you are logged in as the PI or Lab Manager for the ODC lab and check that your Current Lab is correct. If you need to switch labs, use the “Switch Lab” option on the navigation menu.

  2. Select “Current Lab” on the navigation menu as the PI or Lab Manager.

  3. In the Dataset window, find the dataset of interest. Click on the dataset’s status to open the Change Dataset Status window.

4. Select the corresponding option and select "Update Status". The dataset will be assigned to the selected data space. Check How does privacy work on the ODC to know which users can access data in each data space.

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