Request a DOI

Only PI and Managers can request DOIs since at the end of the process the data will be ready to be released to the public.

Make sure you have your dataset, data dictionary and metadata ready for DOI! This will reduce the time and work to do.

Step-by-Step (for PI and Managers)

  1. Make sure you are logged in as the PI or Lab Manager for the ODC lab and check that your Current Lab is correct. If you need to switch labs, use the β€œSwitch Lab” option on the navigation menu.

  2. Select β€œCurrent Lab” on the navigation menu as the PI or Lab Manager.

  3. In the Dataset window, find the dataset of interest. Click the "Request DOI" button. Fill out the form, confirm you understand that the Data Team will review your dataset, and submit the DOI request. This will initiate the publication and DOI request process.

ODC-SCI and ODC-TBI communities have established different requirements for releasing a dataset to the public. Check them out!

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