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“Recently, as I’ve had individuals leave the lab and new members join the lab, I’ve recognized additional utility of the ODC-SCI database—keeping all of the data in one place, in a standardized format, and even the inclusion of a data dictionary of the metrics—have been game changers for me. I’m not searching on lab computers and notebooks and trying to figure out each trainee’s shorthand.”- Dr. Megan Detloff, ODC-SCI member since 2018.

"At first I didn't understand how my extended data could be useful for other researchers, but since uploading my first dataset to the ODC-SCI it's clear that the ODC-SCI has not only increased the visibility of the published study, but also extends the reach of the data as it might now find new life in other studies by other researchers."- Dr.Keith Fenrich, ODC-SCI member since 2018.

“The value of the ODC can’t be overestimated, first, as a tool to share the SCI research data between the laboratories in the field; this is in particular true for datasets that are not published and would otherwise never be used by the research community. Second, it is also a tool to mine for causal relationships that would never become apparent without this vast ODC database. Third, not least, the ODC is a great tool to archive our own data and make our data accessible for future generations of scientists in our own labs and beyond.”

Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff, ODC-SCI member since 2018.

Video Testimonial- Antje Kroner-Milsch, MD/PhD

Dr. Kroner-Milsch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is interested in the role of inflammation after spinal cord injury and aims to modify the inflammatory response in order to achieve improved outcomes after spinal cord injury. ODC-SCI member since 2020.

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