What are the different account types on the ODC?

We have several different authentication steps and account types in the ODC to help protect unpublished data. You gain more access and functions as you are approved to the next account type.

Basic Member

Requirement: Email verification upon signing up

Functions: As a registered user, you have Basic Access and can only explore and download published datasets.

Community Member


  1. Be a Registered User

  2. Approval from ODC oversight committee

Functions: As a community member, you have Community Access where the other ODC members can directly share their datasets with you, including their unpublished datasets (feature under development).

Full Member


  1. Be a Community Member

  2. Join/Create a lab - requires approval by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the lab on ODC OR requires approval from the ODC oversight committee if creating a new lab

Functions: As a full access member, you can upload, share, release, and publish your datasets. Additionally, you can explore and access unpublished datasets released into the Community data space.

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