Get a reviewer token

Getting access to private data

A review token allows confidential access to a private ODC dataset that has already been accepted for DOI release. This allows for temporary private sharing of the dataset before public release. For example, these tokens can be provided during submission to a peer-reviewed journal to provide reviewers and editors with access to the data.

Once a dataset submission for DOI is completed and has been approved by curators, the authors are able to generate the private access token - this is a very quick process: Home/Lab (PI name)/Manage Lab:

Start by logging into your ODC account (either SCI or TBI) and navigate as follows:

  1. Go to “Home Dashboard”

  2. Select the lab from “Lab Membership box”

  3. Once in the desired lab, scroll down to “Datasets list in Lab” and find the specific dataset that requires a token.

  4. The 'Tokens' request button is located to the right of that dataset title. By clicking on this Token access button, the author will receive the token information via email.

Using the token for providing reviewer access

Authors are instructed to include this token with their manuscript when they send it to the journal for review. The journal editors should ensure that reviewers receive the token. The reviewers then can use the provided link to get access to the specific dataset.

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