How does privacy work on the ODC?

There are several authentication steps and account types on the ODC to help protect unpublished data (see "What are the different account types on the ODC?" section). Additionally, the ODC is organized into different spaces that a dataset can belong. Each space offers different levels of user access, and the movement of data from one space to another is always at the discretion of the lab’s PI. The general flow of data and user access is as follows:

A dataset is initially uploaded into the Personal space. Though the dataset must be uploaded into a specific lab, the dataset will only be visible to the original uploader and the lab’s PI.

The PI can choose to Share a dataset with the rest of the Lab. Doing so moves a dataset from the Personal space to the Lab Space. Any dataset in the Lab space can be found and accessed by other Lab Members belonging to the same lab that the dataset was uploaded to.

The PI can also choose to Release a dataset to the ODC Community space. Any dataset in the Community space can be found and accessed by other Community Members of the ODC, even if they do not belong to the same lab where the dataset was uploaded to. If you want to use a dataset in the Community space, you must adhere to the terms in the data use agreement.

The PI can initiate a DOI submission process to Publish a dataset in the Public space. If the submission is approved, a DOI will be generated for the dataset, and the dataset will be accessible to anyone with a registered account (basic access) with the ODC. Datasets are published with an open source license - the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY v4.0) - which allows anyone with basic access to use the contents of the dataset but sets the legal obligation of giving appropriate credit to the authors of the data. While only Registered Users of the ODC can access a published dataset, the metadata of the dataset will be findable and visible to anyone, even those without an account. Datasets in the Public space are fully considered accessible to the general public.

PIs control the full process

On the ODC, the PI has full control of their dataset up to the point of publication. The PI can move the dataset from Personal, Lab, and Community spaces as they wish. They can also publish a dataset from any data space at any time. Once a dataset is published and in the Public space, however, the published dataset can only be removed if the DOI is rescinded which will require an appeal to the ODC oversight committee.

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