Summary of review process

Editorial Review

Your dataset will first be sent to ODC-SCI editors to determine whether the content is appropriate and within the scope of ODC-SCI. You will be contacted by the Editor in Chief within 3-5 business days if the editors have any concerns regarding your dataset.

If the Editorial Board decides that your dataset fits within the scope of the ODC-SCI, the dataset and any comments from the editors will be sent to the ODC-SCI Data Team for the dataset review process.

Dataset Review

The ODC-SCI Data Team will review your dataset, metadata, and data dictionary to ensure the formatting and contents conform to the ODC-SCI data structure and meet the minimum dataset standards for publication. The ODC-SCI Data Team will will contact you if any revisions are required.

The full dataset publication process can take a few weeks depending on the revision process. You can track any changes to the status of your publication/DOI request on the Current Lab page as a PI/Lab Manager.

Final PI Approval

Once the dataset is fully approved by both the Editorial Board and Data Team, the DOI will be reserved and the corresponding PI will be notified in an email. The PI has control over the last step of the publication process: final approval for publishing the dataset and the associated landing page. Once the PI approves, the landing page and dataset will be made public and accessible to all ODC-SCI registered users within 24 hours. The dataset DOI will be accessible on the published landing page.

The PI can find the final approval button on the Current Lab page in the Dataset window once the dataset has completed the ODC-SCI review process.

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