Upload a dictionary

If you have not prepared a ODC compatible data dictionary, check how to get one ready

You can upload a data dictionary in ODC format any time while you are working with your data. The steps are simple!


  1. Log into ODC, in your dashboard scroll down to the list of datasets. Identify the dataset you want to upload the data dictionary for and click on it

  2. In the dataset view page, select "Upload Files", and click on Data Dictionary

  3. In case the upload fails, please ensure that the dataset variable names exactly match (spelling, caps) the variable names in the data dictionary, see more common errors.

3. In the Data dictionary and methodology page you can follow the instructions and select the .csv file to upload your data dictionary

Done! You have associated a data dictionary or methodology file to a dataset

After uploading a data dictionary or methodology file, you can track the associated files to a dataset

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