Required variables

ODC-TBI Minimal Variables for DOI

Currently for publishing datasets in the ODC-TBI only the unique identifier for subjects is required. Make sure your dataset contains the Subject_ID variable!

ODC-SCI Minimal Variables for DOI

The ODC-SCI community has established a minimal set of variables that all pre-clinical datasets requesting a DOI, to be released to the public, must have.

We recommend for the first column of your dataset to have the name Subject_ID

If you get used to including these variables with the following names during the preparation of your data, you will reduce the time to get a DOI!

Please note that these requirements DO NOT apply to clinical datasets.

  • Subject_ID: Unique identifiers for each subject in the dataset

  • Species: Species of the subject

  • Strain: Strain of the subject

  • Animal_origin: Vendor or origin of the animal

  • Age: Age of the subject at start of experiment. If age is available at different timepoints, age is provided at the corresponding time in a corresponding time/timepoint variable

  • Weight: Weight of the subject at start of experiment. If weight is available at different timepoints, weight is provided at the corresponding time in a corresponding time/timepoint variable

  • Sex: Sex of the subject

  • Group: Name or identifier of the experimental group at which the subject was included if any

  • Laboratory: Name of laboratory, usually the PI

  • StudyLeader: Name of person responsible for overseeing project

  • Exclusion_in_origin_study: Whether the subject was included in the study that originated the data. 'Total exclusion" if excluded from the entire study, otherwise, specify experiment or measures of which the animal was excluded if any. For example: animals that were run in behavior but maybe tissue is loss and excluded from histological analyses. Reasons for exclusion might be specify in the exclusion_reason variable.

  • Exclusion_reason: Reason by which the subject was excluded from the study that originated the data as specified in the Exclusion_in_origin_study variable

  • Cause_of_Death: Cause of death (e.g. perfusion/necropsy, died during surgery, euthanized for health reasons, etc)

  • Injury_type: Type or model of injury used in the subject (e.g. contusion, complete transaction, partial section)

  • Injury_device: Name of the device used for the injury

  • Injury_level: Spinal cord level at which the injury was performed including segment (e.g. cervical; C) and number (e.g. C5)

  • Injury_details: Other details referent to the injury that might be relevant to understand the severity and type of injury performed

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