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Getting your data ready

This page will teach you how to get your data ready for upload
If your dataset is already in ODC format, go to Upload Data
To upload data to the ODC we recommend you gather the information you need first! You will also be able to change things as you go, but having everything ready can help make the process easier. This page would guide you through the process of preparing your data.

What you need:

If you are going to request a DOI for a public release, check this first!
  • An ODC Full member account. If you don't have one you can start here
  • A dataset file in .csv format (comma separated values) containing the values of your data. Check Data format.
  • (Optional but highly recommended) A data dictionary file in .csv containing the data dictionary. Learn more about data dictionaries and how to prepare them.
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Test your data and data dictionary files for formatting using this ODC-SCI developed tool: